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Leading companies across the globe use KNOW end-to-end for time and attendance tracking, bite-sized training, digital task management, field data collection, incident reporting, sharing alerts & announcements directly to the last mile and much more.

Ready to transform your workforce?

Managing frontline teams is chaotic. That's why we built KNOW, a mobile communications and operations platform for the frontline and service workforce.

A Simple Mobile App That Connects the Top-Floor with the Shop-Floor


Comply 100% with regulations

Digitize all your documentation requirements and always be audit-ready. Instantly and hassle-free.

Never miss another issue "in the cracks"

A single place to track every little safety observation. Nothing is too minor when it comes to food safety.

Comply with food safety regulations and manage checklists digitally. Generate reports instantly and ensure SS590 compliance at all times! 

Remove human error

No more double-checking paper-based checklists! Get rid of human errors in food safety compliance checks and food safety documentation.  

No email ID required!
Phone number based. Works even with temp staff

Ultra light
Works even on 8-year-old Android phones (and of course, iPhones too)

Ready-to-use Templates
Get expert-proofed food safety checklists. Customize as needed.
ZERO additional costs
Maintenance, support & infrastructure costs are included 
Works offline
Even when you don't have connectivity. Syncs afterward.
Strict access control
For organizations of any size


Save on documentation time

Anytime you want, you can get full reporting on every single detail. Just a click away.

Food Safety and Compliance Software. Be 100% Audit-ready! 


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